1.) KILLOUT TRASH "Stiring" listen
2.) CHRISTOPHER JION "Lost" listen
3.) NARA "Milky Chalie" listen
4.) JAYROPE "53" listen
5.) DAN DAN TEN "Hey You" listen
6.) EVERYBODY "Pedal, Pedal Your Rust Through Dust" listen
7.) THE MUTANTS OF 2051 A.D. "Mutants On The Strange" listen
8.) SLEEPAWAY CAMP "Water Balloon" listen
9.) A GIRL NAMED CLANDESTINE "Ask Her, She'll Tell Ya" listen
10.) GRACIE L.A.W. vs CRASH SPADER "I'll Bring Him Back Dead" listen
11.) SCOTTFRO "Springtime Bounce" listen
12.) MT. TRASHMORE "Dragonfly" listen
13.) A GIRL NAMED CLANDESTINE "Aimlessly Walking, Hoping For A Chance Meeting" listen
14.) SLEEPAWAY CAMP "Dead & Dry" listen
15.) SHELBY SIFERS "Things Are Beautiful" listen
16.) MEGAMOOG "Thanks For Listening" listen
17.) MEGAMOOG "End" listen
18.)MYCROFT HOLMES "Three-Kiss Toll" listen
Here it is.

Just released on Nov. 24th. 2006
After almost two years in the making; DIRGEFUNK RECORDS "SUPERMODERN LOVESONGS" DF 01 CD. The first appearance of the legendary digital hardcore band KILLOUT TRASH (this time assisted by Patric Catani, & Thaddi from Sonic Subjunkies) since their split 7" on kool.POP with DJ Scud in 1998!!! Plus a track from jayrope (from the group ROPE [Geist Records]).
Also comes with vinyl sticker of label logo.
This is a real CD (in special digipak wallet), not a CDR!
Compiled in the US, mastered in Germany, & manufactured in Australia. ...with artists from all over the world; Berlin, Beijing, LA, NY, SF, etc, etc...

downtempo-ish stuff, noisy harsh melodic pieces, IDM-ish things, modern classical, lo-fi, experimental electronic rock, vocodery electroish delays, drum & bassisms.


USA: $10 + $3 (shipping) for 1 CD
Europe & Asia (etc...): $10 + $7 (shipping) for 1 CD

There is great shirts, too! See them here!
Prices for these are coming up shortly.

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